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Rug Doctor Vs Bissell Big Green: Whom Will You Choose?

Selecting an appropriate cleaning machine for carpets is easier said than done. In the market, you will get numerous attractive options and the seller might try to grab your attention for his/her own profit rather than your benefit. And if you are well aware of the top brands and models available in the market under this category, confusions like Bissell Big Green vs Rug Doctor will obviously be there in your mind. In order to help you out in such a situation, some important pieces of information are given here:
Where any single one can be a good choice
If you search Rug Doctor vs. Bissell Big Green on the internet, you will find the amazing fact that both of them are similar in more than a few ways. For example, both of these two carpet cleaners are manufactured by two renowned companies, both of them come with a long warranty of 5 years, as per their performance and effectiveness, both are more or less the same, and last but not least, both come under almost same price ranges. 

Where you have to think twice
On the other hand, they are dissimilar to each other in various ways. The discussion on Bissell vs. Rug Doctor will not be completed if we do not focus on these issues more closely:
·             The capacity of the tank is not the same and Rug Doctor has a higher capacity tank
·             The power cord is longer in the Rug Doctor model
·             Bissell Big Green is heavier if compared to the weight of its opponent
·             Rug Doctor cannot make a wet carpet dry while the negative aspect of Bissell Big Green is that too much heat is produced at the time of using it
Now, it will be completely up to you whether you would get a Bissell Big Green on rental or buy it or would prefer buying a Rug Doctor in its place. Pay attention to your personal preferences and expectations and match them with these two for the purpose of getting the most appropriate thing according to your need.